Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 04:08

Top 5 career industries that get their beginning with Computer Science

  • Mobile Technologies - We all have and use mobile phones. This industry is in the top 5 for the fastest growing fields of the last decade.
  • Healthcare - Not many people would at first consider healthcare in the realm of computer science, but healthcare relies on huge databases, algorithms and technologies that need highly trained computer scientists ready to take on the next challenge.
  • Communications – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... This is the technology most people grew up using, being familiar makes it easy to understand and the ever changing landscape of communications keeps interest.
  • Computer Security - Another hot field-- computer security specialists-- will always be in high demand. Every company and every personal computer needs this service because there will always be someone else trying to acquire sensitive information from these systems.
  • Business - The business sector should not be forgotten. Computer scientists are systems analysts, IT managers and help-desk employees. They also create business applications and make sure that everything runs as it should. Businesses hire software professionals to analyze their needs and create customer software.

Computer science and programming is as inherent to student learning as reading, mathematics, and other core subjects. It comes natural because the world they are in is surrounded by it on all fronts. Computer Science is a language and a Universal Language that anyone can learn. By introducing these concepts early, making them part of the core curriculum and making them part of our everyday lives, the next generation will be incredibly prepared for the next technology wave that is inevitably coming.

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