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Develop a Talent-Ready Workforce!

Your program is up and running and you have a system in place to monitor the development of your talent pools.  Don’t forget the critical success of tracking and measuring your success. 


The 10 steps to your Future Workforce program are outlined here.
Let's dive in to the next step, Tracking & Measurement


Tracking & Measurement


You’ll want to be able to report on key performance indicators:

  • Talent Pools - Quantity & Skills Development
  • Candidates and Applicants


Once you have the measures - analyze and refine your program.

As you review your talent pools, assess whether they are developing the skills you require at the pace you want. If not, what additional support, lessons, training, or opportunities can you provide to foster the development you require? Do you need more K-12 schools in your ecosystem or a bootcamp partner?

Are you seeing candidates with the skills you need? If not, what development is required? Again, provide support, lessons, training and opportunities for the required skills development.

Are you getting Applicants? If not, review your program and company brand. Talk with students and ensure your program is compelling. Adjust based on teacher and student feedback.

Ensure that you are engaging on a regular basis with your talent pools – not too much as you don’t want to SPAM them. Provide information on exciting company news, new opportunities, and outreach activities to keep your company in the top of their minds.

Finally, are you getting the engagement, support and promotion from the partners in your workforce ecosystem? Ensure everyone is on board and promoting your company and programs.

You’ll need a system like XLeap to Track and Measure your Future Workforce Develop-to-Hire Strategy


In this series, we will dive in to each step and discuss how to implement this strategy and create a qualified workforce.

View the full series outline here.
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