Thursday, June 9, 2022 - 12:53

Develop a Talent-Ready Workforce!

As the saying goes, know your audience - and today that's Gen Z (age 9-24). There is a plethora of material written on marketing to Gen Z and essentially you are marketing to this audience to get them to 'buy into' your company, your program, and/or a career with your organization.


The 10 steps to your Future Workforce program are outlined here.
Let's dive in to the second step, Know Your Audience


Know Your Audience

  • Gen Z wants to work with ethical companies, with a brand and message they can support. Make sure your company and message resonates with this audience.

  • Gen Z wants work-life balance, in-person and remote work, and a career path. Make sure your organization can support these items and share these benefits with candidates.

  • Gen Z wants to keep learning and working with new technologies. Make sure these elements are built into your program and shared with candidates.

 Discuss these items and put together your programs and messaging with these factors in mind.


In this series, we will dive in to each step and discuss how to implement this strategy and create a qualified workforce.

View the full series outline here.


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