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Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Ignite Future in Entrepreneurship & Innovative Design

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Welcome to the Entrepreneurship & Innovation course! This is the second course in the CTE business pathway of high school courses. This course provides students with a foundation on how to assess business opportunities and transform ideas into a viable venture. Throughout this course, students will gain the following knowledge and experience:


  • Forms of Entrepreneurship
  • Evaluating an Idea & Assessing the Market
  • Developing Ideas & Innovations
  • Risks & Rewards of Entrepreneurship
  • Raising Capital & Speaking to Investors


This course is aligned to state and national business, CTE, technology, and core subject standards. 

Curriculum Layout
What’s Included
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 18+ Weeks of Curriculum
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Digital Activities
  • Built-In Assignments
  • Project Challenges
  • Assessments
  • Teacher Resources
  • Onboarding PD & Support
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Plug & Play Curriculum
Comprehensive Module Content
Interactive Lessons & Projects
Technical Requirements
  • PC, Mac, or Chromebook
  • Any Modern Browser
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to YouTube