Saturday, August 8, 2020 - 10:21

STEM Fuse Educate is a our digital learning, teaching, and curriculum delivery platform. Designed with students and teachers in mind, Educate is an all-in-one learning management tool to be incorporated into traditional and distance learning classrooms alike. Let's dive in to the platform features!

Platform Features

  • Create classes, add students, and manage class content
  • Assign, collect, grade, and provide feedback on student work
  • Administer quizzes and access student and class reports
  • Communicate and remind students of coursework and more
  • Access 24/7 support center services, tutorials, and library articles
  • Functional on all devices - from PC, Mac, Chromebook, and mobile devices

Using STEM Fuse Curriculum

Educate is a tool for teachers and students to view and interact with STEM Fuse curriculum. Our courses are equipped with standard-aligned content in the form of interactive lessons, activities, assessments, and technology-focused projects.

Curriculum is designed for both synchronous and asynchronous classroom learning with the use of the Educate platform. If you have any further questions, contact our customer support team at

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