Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 08:00

The STEM Fuse Approach to CTE
Getting students ready to have an amazing career future is an integral part of any CTE department. I work with CTE directors every week who are extremely passionate about student success whether they are college bound or are looking at industry certification and internships. STEM Fuse has several resources and solutions to assist these directors.

Authentic and Project-based
At STEM Fuse, we believe in providing highly engaging curriculum to assist students with career exploration in many pathways. Keeping activities authentic and project-based assures that students will take a deeper dive into the many careers that will be available to them upon graduation. These courses also give students the steps that they need to take to get into those careers—whether it be a 4-year college, technical school, or an industry certification. 

Make Technology Skills Easy for Students
As STEM and Computer Science are an integral part of high earning careers—no matter what field a student is going into; STEM Fuse integrates technology, STEM, problem solving and critical thinking into all its career pathways. STEM Fuse makes skills such as coding, web design, and business easy to understand and master, while also introducing the soft skills needed to be successful in any industry. We provide schools with a place to store and track student portfolios with our work-based learning tracking software and management tool to ensure that they have many skills to showcase to higher education or the industry.

Teachers are the Key!
Taking care of teachers is also an especially important piece of the STEM Fuse philosophy. STEM Fuse courses are created to be extremely easy to use, and ongoing PD and support is included at no additional cost EVER! As technology is changing at an extremely fast pace, we are dedicated to making sure that teachers have every tool they need and feel supported every step of the way!

Join a Demonstration
Take a look at the STEM Fuse pathways and join us for a brief demonstration to learn more about how the STEM Fuse CTE pathways can add to your school’s planning. Sign up for a demonstration HERE!

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