Tuesday, June 3, 2014 - 01:05

As a curriculum development company, we don’t just choose to randomly create a course. We identify what courses are missing in high schools and what careers are on the rise.  Then we find industry professionals and teachers to collaborate to develop a course that is easy to teach and engaging to students, while preparing them for the workforce. 

But sometimes, we see that a course taught in most high schools needs a major, revolutionary type change. We know web design is taught in almost every high school, but their old methods aren't preparing students for the "real world". We need to change that and are asking for help!

STEM Fuse is announcing the start of their Kickstarter campaign that will allow for the development of cutting edge Drupal based web design curriculum that can be donated to every U.S. high school. STEM Fuse is also pledging extensive initial, and ongoing, teacher training on this technology.

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