Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 09:46

Growing up in Iowa gave me a unique perspective on life and allowed me to learn much more than “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.” Let me start by saying I loved school, and still do. Which I guess is appropriate given I work for an education company. However, much of what I learned in my younger years was learned outside the classroom…and by outside I really do mean OUTside. It’s a shame these days that kids don’t spend more time exploring the great outdoors. As a parent, I generally have to “force” the boys to spend a few hours running around outside. Granted, I was fortunate enough to live out of town so I had room to roam and they don’t have such a luxury, but, I still wish they appreciated these years of firefly chasing a little more.

I am reminded of all the things I learned in the great outdoors with my family. Virtually every weekend in the summer and fall my parents packed us in the car and took us for another adventure – the Maquoketa Caves, House on the Rock, Backbone State Park – just to name a few. It was in those places I learned about architecture, trees, surviving in the wilderness and most of all, to appreciate the small things in life – such as spending the day as a family. Looking back on it now I’m so thankful for those experiences. I’m sure at the time I didn’t convey that very well…so THANK YOU MOM AND DAD!!

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