Wednesday, June 2, 2021 - 12:04

Are you familiar with Esports?

ESPORTS is a type of popular multiplayer video game that is played competitively - usually for an audience. The year of COVID changed the way people can have these competitions - but not how they are played!

This year in particular is expected to be incredibly advanced in the world of game design and development - with things like virtual and augmented reality, immersion experiences, face and voice recognition, the sky's the limit when it comes to the capability technology has in this industry. It can often be hard for kids to see the pathway at first, but connecting computer science with gaming, allows kids to think about this subject in a more abstract and interesting way.

The New Trend

Live gaming has become the new trend with middle and high school age kids. Kids and young adults have shifted from living room game competitions and are starting to prefer the live game competitions. Creating a space for them to showcase their gaming skills. With things getting back to something like normal, demand for esports options in schools is quickly becoming a trend in itself.


Most of our youth (and us adults!) have played or play video games. This is the exact reason it works in a curriculum setting. Having a subject kids are already exposed to and are already invested in creates an interest before they know it exists.


Providing an engaging and fun way to learn how computer science fits into other areas of interest and keeps kids involved makes learning more exciting and more likely to lead to a career in fields like computer science.

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