Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 04:05

Science teacher, Sara Peloquin, plays a critical part in providing the technology rich environment by teaching many of the STEM courses at Spectrum High School in Elk River, MN.  Sara teaches Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science and Robotics.  This last year, Spectrum High School purchased the STEM Fuse GAME:IT curriculum to add an introductory computer programming course.  Sara was the likely choice in teaching this new course.  She spent the summer reviewing the curriculum and did a phenomenal job of teaching the course this past year. 

Sara uses a variety of ways to engage students in learning about STEM. She teaches students through the use of online simulations and virtual labs.  In Physics, students get to use Vernier sensors for hands-on experiments.  Students are taught how to collect and analyze the data.  Sara also incorporates building and design challenges to introduce some key engineering concepts.  21st century skills are developed in Sara’s students by enabling them to collaborate through the use of Google Docs and group projects and activities.  By using a variety of teaching methods, Sara is able to reach and inspire students of all different types of learning styles.

Sara is never one to rest.  Outside of school, Sara stays busy with crafting – spinning her own yarn with a spinning wheel, weaving, crocheting and embroidering.  She sings and plays in a church worship band and now has added a new role of mom. In April, Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Rose.  Sara is enjoying time with her new little one despite a few sleepless nights.

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