Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 03:36

Our GAME:IT curriculum has been a huge success with both teachers and students and is now taught in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries and in over 4,000 schools.  But does it really teach 21st Century skills that will help students prepare for the workplace?  The answer is YES!!!

GAME:IT is an introduction to computer programming through game design. The focus of this curriculum is to build a strong foundation in the full spectrum of 2D game development. GAME:IT takes a look at both coding and building games, but also dives into theories that differentiate games from each other.

As the game projects get more complex, students will be introduced to and see in action programming concepts such as: variables, functions, arrays, loops, conditional statements, etc.   Throughout the class students will be learning (or reinforcing) technical skills like programming, graphic design, animation, testing/debugging as well as forming and working in project development teams, learning how the engineering design cycle is incorporated into problem solving and game design, how physics and math play a critical role in making games realistic, how to develop, program and market an original game, and much more!

Students will learn Technical Skills by:

  • Programming through a drag-n-drop method

  • Programming by breaking down tasks into events and actions

  • Following technical and increasingly complex programming instructions in order and detail

  • Programming original game projects

  • Using digital design resources to draw and animate sprites, objects, platforms, backgrounds and loops

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