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Develop a Talent-Ready Workforce!

There are many industry certifications! Your organization, most likely requires some of these. Ensure you incorporate partners in your workforce strategy that are providing the fundamental training for these certifications. The earlier in the development process you can engage with students the better chance you have of hiring those candidates when they are skilled and ready.


The 10 steps to your Future Workforce program are outlined here.
Let's dive in to the seventh step, Certification Programs


Certification Programs

If there aren't any industry certification that you require, consider developing a certification(s) program for your company jobs. This is an emerging trend that really boosts the amount of qualified applicants for your company. Companies like Google are investing millions in certificate programs for students as young as middle school and when they complete their certification they have a job offer – no college or other education required. Amazon, Intel, Facebook/Meta and many others are following suit.

Developing a certification program sounds intimidating, but it’s not. Do you have a critical software or tool that you want to ensure candidates are skilled before they join your company? Do you want to make sure that your incoming lab techs have a certain base level of knowledge? The easiest and most efficient way to develop this type of certification is to work with content and curriculum providers to create customize content for your certification.

For example, if you need lab techs and want to both identify future workforce candidates and skills-based qualities, check out this amazing Health Science curriculum and work with a partner like STEM Fuse to customize it to your requirements. Then identify K-12 schools where you can sponsor this curriculum and build your K-12 Future Workforce Partnerships that delivers certified candidates for your company.


In this series, we will dive in to each step and discuss how to implement this strategy and create a qualified workforce.

View the full series outline here.


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