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Develop a Talent-Ready Workforce!

College campuses are not the only place or partners for your Emerging Workforce strategy. There are hundreds of Bootcamps, Training Programs, Trade Programs, Student Associations and other organizations that are focused on upskilling or reskilling college-age and young adult workers. These organizations are tremendous partners to help you build your Emerging Workforce Talent pool.


The 10 steps to your Future Workforce program are outlined here.
Let's dive in to the sixth step, Emerging Workforce Partnerships


Emerging Workforce Partnerships


Identify the organizations that are developing the skills you require, or maybe they are working in the location or with the demographic you wish to hire. In that case, sponsor these organizations with curriculum, training and support to help develop the skills that you need. This is similar to the K-12 program we outlined in Step 4: K-12 Future Workforce Partnership. A great example of a student organization partnership is Essentia Health partnering with Minnesota HOSA.

MN HOSA Future Health Professionals organization prepares students from middle school through college to enter the healthcare field.

Partnership will help Essentia Health prep rural students for healthcare careers

There are many organizations like this that can help enhance your workforce development strategy and build your talent pools. Identify the ones that are building the skills you need and incorporate them into your strategy and ecosystem. It’s not costly and the upside is huge.

Working with universities and other organizations in creative ways will benefit your company, the community and students. Here is an example of Full Sail University, that is implementing a development program for K-12 students to generate their interest in STEM and Esports programs by sponsoring curriculum in hundreds of K-12 schools, enabling students to experience their university through virtual and on-site trips.

Full Sail University Partners with STEM Fuse to Bring STEM Curriculum to Middle and High Schools



In this series, we will dive in to each step and discuss how to implement this strategy and create a qualified workforce.

View the full series outline here.
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