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Develop a Talent-Ready Workforce!


Let's dive in to the next step, Build Talent Pools

Build Talent Pools

Traditional workforce development has focused on developing your current workforce, and mainly your direct employees. More recently this has expanded to include contract, transitional, seasonal and the development of other types of workers.

Many companies have an emerging workforce program which includes college recruiting, new college hire training programs and career paths with a focus on the college candidate. 

To round out a comprehensive workforce strategy you should also have a program and focus on the development of your future workforce. This is the development and engagement with future generations to help prepare them for your jobs and careers. 

The 10 steps to your Future Workforce program are outlined here.

You should have a comprehensive strategy and program to build talent pools in each of these segments. This requires that you identify and connect an ecosystem of partners. Many companies have a set of preferred colleges they partner and where they recruit. Identify the colleges/universities/trade schools that are developing the skills you require in the locations you need them and build a partnership and program with these institutions. 

Similarly you should have a set of K-12 schools that you partner with and sponsor for skills development. This is more than general outreach or attending a career night at local schools. A K-12 partnership is similar to a college partnership, but there are some key differences and requirements that we'll talk more about in the next blog about how to implement a Future Workforce Partnership with K-12 schools.  

Your ecosystem should include colleges, trade schools, bootcamps, skills development programs, K-12 schools, after-school programs, curriculum partners and other programs that are developing the skills that you require. Finally, you should connect your partners and strategy to progress students (candidates) from K-12 to college to internships to hires. 


In this series, we will dive in to each step and discuss how to implement this strategy and create a qualified workforce.

View the full series outline here.
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