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College & Career Exploration

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Build Career Awareness & Gain Real World Skills

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Welcome to the College & Career Exploration course! In this course, we've curated a learning library of broad and applicable lessons that teach skills related to college and career preparation. The overarching module topics across this module include:

  • Define Your Future
  • Explore Career Paths
  • Navigate College Options
  • Prepare for Success
  • Develop a Talent Portfolio
  • Apply for Employment

Each module topic contains between 3-5 lessons and provides resources for your students to complete and explore!

What’s Included
  • Unlimited Seats
  • 18+ Weeks of Curriculum
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Digital Activities
  • College Insights
  • Career Highlights
  • Teacher Resources
  • Onboarding PD & Support
Technical Requirements
  • PC, Mac, or Chromebook
  • Any Modern Browser
  • Internet Connection
  • Access to YouTube