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Ag Careers: AFNR & STEM

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

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Youtube Link
Educators learn how to introduce students to a variety of careers in AFNR and are given specific resources to help set up work-based learning opportunities in this field.


Career Fields in AFNR That We Will Explore:

  • Agribusiness Systems and Marketing (See sample resource)
  • Animal Systems
  • Biotechnology Systems
  • Food Production and Processing
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Services
  • Plant Systems and Horticulture
  • Ag Power, Structure and Technology

AFNR Technology

*Educators will receive lessons and tools to use with their students following this PD.

What’s Included
  • Three Hour Virtual

        OR *In Person Session

  • Interactive Lessons

  • STEM Challenges

  • Hands-On Activities

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Comprehensive Content
Three Hours Virtual OR In Person Session
Interactive Lessons & Activities