When using the STEM Fuse Support Center, users agree to the following terms and agreement:

  • All Support Center communication will take place in the form of ticketed issues or questions. No phone calls or video meeting services are offered at this time.
  • STEM Fuse does not debug student projects, games, or code. Teacher solutions are provided in each course product and we include resources for students as well regarding tips on debugging their own games.
  • Support Center users will conduct themselves in a professional manner; no inappropriate language, images, videos, or conversation will be tolerated. All ticket information is subject to being shared with the user's district IT and administration teams.
  • Users that submit support tickets are expected to corroborate by providing detailed information, screenshots, and/or screencast videos to help the support team better assist with any issues or questions.
  • All tickets in the Support Center will receive a response within 24 hours of its submission; barring weekends (ie. Friday evening submissions will receive a response Monday morning).
  • If the Support Center feels the user requires additional training on the platform, third party tools, or curriculum, they will recommend appropriate resources and training to the user's customer success team member.
  • If the user who submitted a ticket chooses not to respond to the ticket, it will automatically close within five days of the last communication.
  • If the user chooses not to provide the Support Center with necessary details, screenshots, or video to assist in troubleshooting the issue, the ticket will be placed as Pending and will automatically close within five days of the last communication.

If you have any questions, please contact carter.tatge@stemfuse.com.

Terms and Conditions