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Career & Technical Education

Pathways & Offerings in CTE Subjects

STEM Fuse is passionate about connecting students with the knowledge, skills, tools, and opportunities within the careers of today and tomorrow. We pride ourselves on offering career and technical education curriculum pathways that meet the following:

  • Works on Any Device
  • Aligned with Industry Certification Exams
  • Includes Authentic Capstone Projects
  • Perfect for Hybrid, Remote, and Face-to-Face Learning
  • Easily Integrated into Your School’s Platform

Our CTE Offerings

At STEM Fuse, we strive to offer curriculum featuring the foundational skills and careers in the current world. Within each course, we feature and expose students to the latest technologies and skills they'll need to thrive in an ever-changing world. Explore the variety of CTE pathways and courses STEM Fuse has to offer. We currently offer the following CTE course pathways: 

  • AFNR (Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources)
  • STEM, Engineering, & 3D Design
  • Computer Science & Game Design
  • IT & Multimedia
  • Business
  • Health Science


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